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ww_food_tracker's Journal

A Weight Watcher Points Tracking Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A community dedicated to counting points, sharing recipes, and cheering each other on!

The community rules are simple:

#1 Be nice!
#2 Please keep food log posts down to one per day. Try to keep them simple like this:


Muffin w/I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray - 1 pt
1 1/2 cup of strawberries - 1 pt
Cup of tea with 3 tbsp of honey - 2.5 pts


1 oz ham, 1 oz muenster, on a muffin - 4.5 pts
Salad with dressing - 2 pts
Activia light yogurt - 1 pt


Fruit salad with Cool Whip - 2 pts


Creole Poached Chicken - 6 pts
Corn - 2 pts

Daily total: 22
Activity Points: 6

Feel free to edit your one post throughout the day to update your log. And tag your posts with your user name followed by the words 'food log' like this "euphora food log".

#3 Feel free to also announce your weigh in updates here. Please limit these posts to once a week on or around your weigh in day. And please tag your weigh in posts with your user name followed by weigh in like this "euph0ra weigh in" An easy format to follow is:

SW: 261.8
CW: 252.4
GW: 150

#5 All other weight watchers posts should be directed to this wonderful all encompassing community _weightwatchers

Good luck everyone! Be healthy and have fun!

The moderator reserves the right to delete any posts or any users for any reason found inappropriate for this community.